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Talking about Choice Theory

Do you get asked “What is Choice Theory?” An elevator speech is that 30 seconds you have when people ask that question. A great elevator speech does four things: It sets out the problem It sets out the opportunity It sets out how the training is going to solve that in a way that’s valuable to customers It inspires the listener How does …

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Koraunui School

Koraunui School in Stokes Valley has implemented many practices based on Choice Theory. In this classroom the teacher Norah Jennings is working with a small group of learners in Year 6 discussing the Basic Needs. Other students are working independently. The school is based on internal control psychology where students are taught ways to get what they want without taking away …

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Strengthening New Zealand So People Don’t Want to Leave

I watched a current affairs program about the New Zealanders going to live in Australia in their thousands over the last five years. The current situation is that New Zealanders arriving in Australia are temporary citizens, not able to access any government money in the form of grants or benefits. That people cannot access unemployment benefits is a good thing, …

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