Take Charge of Your Life

Strengthening New Zealand through Choice Theory psychology

Regular training with the WGI-NZ is usually over 27 – 30 hours.  A more compact, concise training  Take Charge of Your Life introduces participants to Choice Theory®, putting the spotlight on personal choice and internal motivation. In this way it has the potential for participants take on responsibility for personal mental health and well-being.

The following content forms a six hour workshop that has the potential to assist people to make significant decisions in their lives.

  1. Shift your Mental Model
  2. Discover your Basic Needs, Wants and Belief
  3. Create Positive Relationship Habits
  4. Learn the Power of Perception
  5. Understand the Components of Behaviour
  6. Take Charge of Your Life


This introduction to Choice Theory® has the purpose of

  • Paying tribute to William Glasser for his generous and lifelong contribution to the preservation of human choice, leading to mental health and wellness for all people around the world.
  • Presenting a shorter six hour course introducing personal well- being through the concepts from his many books including his last book “Take Charge of Your Life”.
  • Promoting further training.

The Take Charge of Your Life program is creating a great deal of interest from the William Glasser International Community. Those who currently teach WGI training programs are interested in the results of this program and the condensed format design.  Some WGI training restrictions on participant numbers have made the training expensive to groups. This restriction has been removed to encourage organisations to have more people to attend any one training.


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