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Nothing is caused by what happens outside ourselves

Nothing is caused by what happens outside ourselves W.Glasser People ask “But what about an earthquake?”  It can be perceived that the actual shaking of the earth causes you to be fearful, upset, anxious, or afraid.  Your heart rate will increase, you will have an increased pulse rate and your muscles may tense. Your need for survival is being challenged.  …

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As much as children need freedom- they need limits

What is it that has a school achieving great academic standards, and no stand downs, suspensions or exclusions for the last sixteen years? Apart from a very small difference in reading results, Tokoroa North School, a decile three school, has students outperforming National results, with a higher percentage students reaching, or are above National Standards in Reading, Writing and Maths. …

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The Meaning of the Room

I recently met with Stephen Blair, a long serving principal at Tokoroa North School, to see what he and his staff are doing differently. This school is achieving outcomes that others are not. A decile 3 school in South Waikato with 469 students, not only has a very high percentage of students achieving at or above standard academically, there have …

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Half Way to Half Way

Recently my daughter, son-in-law, two grandchildren and I did a 45 minute walk in the New Zealand bush to a waterfall.  The track ranged from an easy going walk amongst moss covered boulders, to climbing several sets of steep steps.  The end result was well worth it.  A beautiful two-tiered waterfall plunging from the top of the Kaimai ranges greeted us …

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Champion of Choice

I have just finished reading Jim Roy’s biography of Dr William Glasser.  I knew some of the story but this book give me such insights into the struggles that Glasser had  in overcoming such opposition to his ideas spanning 50 yrs. I have also just watched the Robin Williams movie “Patch Adams” and could see the parallels of the same …

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Bullied to Death

Watching the recently screened TV program Bullied to Death:  The Tragedy of Phoebe Prince, several thoughts came to mind. This scenario is no doubt played over and over throughout the schools in many countries around the world.  New female student arrives at a school, leaving behind friends at a previous school.  At first the student is popular,  perhaps because of …

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Talking about Choice Theory

Do you get asked “What is Choice Theory?” An elevator speech is that 30 seconds you have when people ask that question. A great elevator speech does four things: It sets out the problem It sets out the opportunity It sets out how the training is going to solve that in a way that’s valuable to customers It inspires the listener How does …

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Koraunui School

Koraunui School in Stokes Valley has implemented many practices based on Choice Theory. In this classroom the teacher Norah Jennings is working with a small group of learners in Year 6 discussing the Basic Needs. Other students are working independently. The school is based on internal control psychology where students are taught ways to get what they want without taking away …

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