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Champion of Choice

I have just finished reading Jim Roy’s biography of Dr William Glasser.  I knew some of the story but this book give me such insights into the struggles that Glasser had  in overcoming such opposition to his ideas spanning 50 yrs.

I have also just watched the Robin Williams movie “Patch Adams” and could see the parallels of the same struggle against the trend at the time.  Both men held true to their beliefs.  Both men had supporters and detractors.  Amongst the supporters of Glasser’s early thoughts about Reality Therapy  was Dr Harrington. In Patch Adams, one of the professors at the university where he was training as a doctor supported Patch’s view on being a doctor who connected with people. Both the book and the movie are well worth your time.

At our conference Choice In Action we have a workshop entitled  You can still succeed even if you are swimming against the tide. Nancy Snow is the principal of an alternate school in New South Wales.  She will present a workshop that highlights how her school uses Choice Theory to underpin all they do. She  said they took ‘the road less travelled’ and her workshop looks at how they did this – the challenges -and the data collected (qualitative and quantitative) that shows that when someone perceives a need to change and decides to change – nothing is impossible.

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