Lead Management

Strengthening New Zealand through Choice Theory psychology

What is Lead Management?

Lead Management as opposed to Boss Management is based on the idea that workers are encouraged rather than coerced. Lead-managers continually work on the system to create a non-coercive environment within which workers (in schools, students) can self-evaluate and achieve quality work. The only way any organisation will achieve its goal – quality work – is if the lead-manager can persuade those in the organisation to continually upgrade the system by communicating in ways that build trust.


There are only two places where

time takes precedence over the job to be done:

school and prison


The continuum of behaviours in managing people frequently proposed has Boss Manager at one end and Lead Manager at the other. This has caused confusion about the role of the Lead Manager.  In fact a third position suggests the Absent Manager is on the extreme right of the continuum gives a better perspective to Lead Management.

Boss Manager Lead Manager Absent Manager
Do as I say Can we I don’t really mind
moving further away   moving further away


Recommended Reading:
The Control (Choice) Theory Manager, (1994)

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