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Glasser Quality Schools

In The Quality School: Managing Students without Coercion, Dr. Glasser explained how using the principles of lead management a school could create a Glasser Quality School. In subsequent writings, mainly Choice Theory: A New Psychology of Personal Freedom and in Every Student Can Succeed  he gives more information about becoming a school where this is possible.
Education is the process in which we discover that learning adds quality to our lives
The following elements are part of the process of becoming a Glasser Quality School:

  • The principal is a key player in this process.  The principal needs to read Choice Theory: A New Psychology of Personal Freedom, and Every Student Can Succeed and inspire others to do this.
  • Discussion and negotiation lead to the school community of staff, parents and students making a firm commitment to move to a Glasser Quality School.
  • Formal training in choice theory and reality therapy is undertaken to facilitate more easily the move from coercive practices to those of lead management so that the learning environment is conducive to quality work.
  • Development of teaching approaches to learning must be consistent with the best knowledge about pedagogy that align with Dr. Glasser’s ideas. Inquiry Learning, Cooperative learning are examples.
  • Teaching students and teachers choice theory enables them to reach a common ground in establishing a supportive, caring, learning environment and in building healthy relationships that contribute to school success.
  • Training of at least a core group of staff who complete the Institute Certification process through an Advanced Practicum, and hopefully, a Certification Week is an essential part of the process.  A “core” group is defined by each school in consultation with the Institute instructor.

Quality learning produces quality outcomes in a need-satisfying classroom where students gain confidence and move through a process of self-evaluation and co-verification of their work.

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