Talking about Choice Theory

Strengthening New Zealand through Choice Theory psychology

Talking about Choice Theory

Do you get asked “What is Choice Theory?” An elevator speech is that 30 seconds you have when people ask that question.

A great elevator speech does four things:

  1. It sets out the problem
  2. It sets out the opportunity
  3. It sets out how the training is going to solve that in a way that’s valuable to customers
  4. It inspires the listener

How does this sound?

  • We  have a world that is beset with violence, break down of families, mentally ill people, jails full to overflowing
  • Learning Choice Theory has an answer to these huge issues. Even if we were able to eliminate just one of these areas, society would be a better place for everyone.
  • We teach people that we need to recognise that we can only control ourselves.  The issues are really all about trying to control others. Violence is trying to control others; break downs in families are the result of one or more people in the marriage trying to control each other. Mentally ill people are largely people who have become disconnected from those who are important to them and people are often incarcerated because they tried to use force to control another person. Choice Theory teaches us ways to get what we want in a way that does not stop others from getting what they want.
  • Wouldn’t  it be a wonderful place if we were able to eliminate these major concerns in society. Then the only thing we would need to solve is the poverty of many because of the greed of a few.

Try this for yourself in your area of using Choice Theory and its applications

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