Training Process

Strengthening New Zealand through Choice Theory psychology

The Institute offers a five part sequential course of study leading to Reality Therapy Certification:

  • Basic Intensive Training
  • Basic Practicum
  • Advanced Intensive Training
  • Advanced Practicum
  • Certification Week

You are required by the Glasser Institute in the USA to have different instructors for an Advanced Intensive Week and Certification.

The following information outlines each of the components.


There are no educational pre-requisites for attendance at a Basic Intensive Week (BIW). A minimum of 27 contact hours is required.
Basic Intensive Training is advertised as either Open or Closed. BIT-Open are open to the public, these are publicly advertised and may be attended by any interested persons over the age of 21.
Closed Intensive Training are closed to the public and may only be attended by people who are staff members of the sponsoring organisation.
Basic Intensive Training Content:

  • Participants will gain a basic understanding of Choice Theory, reality therapy and lead-management practices.
  • Participants will be trained in Choice Theory and it’s applications using lead-management principles, so that a participant not only gains a theoretical understanding of these concepts and skills, but also experiences these applications in practice.
  • Participants will be taught the value of questioning techniques through a combination of lectures, demonstration role-plays, practice, experimental exercises and discussions of Dr Glasser’s ideas.


The pre-requisite for attendance at a Basic Practicum (BP), is the completion of a Basic Intensive Week. Total of 30 hours with a minimum of 12 hours face-to-face with a registered faculty member.
Basic Practicum Content:

  • Participants will become familiar and comfortable with Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead-management.
  • Emphasis is placed on role-plays and casework.
  • Participants learn the value of journaling and other self-evaluation tools.
  • Participants are expected to read more of Dr Glasser’s books (e.g., Counselling with Choice Theory: The New Reality Therapy).
  • Participants will be required to submit case studies demonstrating their utilisation of these ideas in their everyday life situations.


Pre- requisities for attendance at an Advanced Intensive Training (AIT), is completion of a registered Basic Practicum. All participants are required to complete an AIT application form, which requires participants to self-evaluate. This form needs to be endorsed by their Basic Practicum Supervisor. A minimum of 27 contact hours is required for an AIT.
Advanced Intensive Training Content:

  • Participants will study Dr Glasser’s concepts at a more advanced level.
  • Participants will participate in extensive role-plays.
  • Participants will increase their knowledge of interrelationships of the various components of the process.


Pre-requisite for attendance at an Advanced Practicum (AP) is the completion of a BIT, BP and AIT. A total of 30 hours with a minimum of 12 hours face-to-face.
Advanced Practicum Content:

  • Participants prepare for Certification Week.
  • Participants read more of Dr Glasser’s works.
  • Participants concentrate on more intensive practice as helpee and helper.
  • Focus is on, learning how to give constructive feedback to other participants.
  • Participants will develop and practice their own 15 minute presentation (Quality Work Piece), which will teach some aspect of Dr Glasser’s concepts (participants will be required to present their 15 minute presentation to their Certification group)


Pre-requisite for attendance at a Certification Week (CERT): completion of BIW, BP, AIW and AP. Prior reading ofChoice Theory: A New Psychology of Personal Freedom and Counseling with Choice Theory, are essential. Participants must be endorsed by their Advanced Practicum Supervisor to participate in a Certification Week. Minimum of 30 hours contact. Participants are required to have a different Instructor. A minimum of 18 months between attendance at a Basic Intensive Week and a Certification Week is also required.
Certification Week Content:

  • Participants have the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge and to expand one’s learning
  • Participants demonstrate, self-evaluation, and feedback from their peers and instructor
  • Participants are required to demonstrate their skills in using Reality Therapy to deal with familiar and unfamiliar clients
  • Participants are required to role-play as both helper and helpee
  • Participants will present a 15 minute presentation (Quality Work Piece), teaching some aspect of Choice theory, Reality Therapy and Lead-management

Reality Therapy Certification is the recognition by the Institute that a person has completed the certification process and demonstrated knowledge and skill in Choice Theory, reality therapy and lead-management. Those completing the certification process are entitled to use the designation of “Reality Therapy Certified”. Use of “Certified Reality Therapist” is only appropriate where the individual is entitled, under licensing laws of the jurisdiction in which he/she resides, to use the term “Therapist: The Institute does not confer this title upon anyone.

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